Beta Release

              Please note that every effort has been expended to insure Magic MacStick (MMS) & Magic MacDrive (MMD)

                                                                                     Perform to Your Satisfation.  




If you made it to this point, you know how to set the boot drive during the boot phase! 





Special Notes:


              MOST OF THE APPS (60+) in the DOCKY have EXCELLENT HELP FILES

                            NEVER REMOVE USB Flash Drives until the Computer is "SHUT DOWN"! 

                            Doing so can destroy your DRIVE. Use Clonezilla (below) to back up your work as you update &

                            personalize your copy of MAGIC MACDRIVE/MACSTICK/MMDOS.  Also feel free to make copies

                            when you receive your original flash drive to give to other students or friends. Insist on "Sandisk"                             - the best quality - flash drives in the industry with a builtin LED & great over-provisioning feature                             insure a longer flash drive life. Use AMAZON (See link at top of page) as a great source for all                                    your computer needs. ALWAYS "Unmount or Eject" any USB drive if you wish to unplug them!


                            CLONEZILLA - an ISO file is stored in your MY STUFF - Programs Folder. Use the USB                                             Image Writer App to create you personal Duplicator.





                       Click on the PC File Manager to see ALL mounter Drives. Click on a Drive to open it in a new

                       WindowRight Click (if you wish) on another Drive or Folder to open in another window. Use these                            techniques to Drag & Drop items between the two Open Windows.                     




                         CATFISH - The BEST file finder in the business!







                         USE A MOUSE - Much faster than the "touch pad"!

                         Use Center "ROLL KNOB" of the MOUSE to Increase & Decrease Sound in Movies & Music.

                    Sometimes in transitioning from screen to screen the Docky icons may DISAPPEAR!

                    Simple move your cursor to the top left of the Upper Panel & double click the Docky Icon.



                         Oracle VirtualBox is installed with a sample WinXp & Photoshop. Please replace with your Licensed

                         copy of these Programs or add any licensed Windows Program you wish.

                         Calibre - Over 500 Classic Books from the Gutenberg Project










































Special Closing Note

Feel free to enjoy the music & movies included with Magic MacStick. The music & movies are from the personal collection of Babu Bob, Founder & President. Please delete & replace with your personal selections when finished.


Remember the Linux Program for Magic MacStick & MacDrive, Developed by Babu Bob to empower his students on Kilimanjaro, is offered free to all the

students of the world. The Lepers, Orphans, Students of Volunteers of Kilimanjaro Inc 501(c)3 depend on your donations to continue to empower the Students of the World!   Thanks for Caring!



















You will QUICKLY find that

"Magic MacStick" & "Magic MacDrive"


Icons are Active!

Welcome to the New World of Linux


Magic MacDrive & Magic MacStick


Over 200 Applications with Individual Help Files/Support. 


Simple & Intuitive - Linux Just Works 

You NEVER Will Experience a Virus Again!

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