Founded in 1994 by Babu Bob Manire is Now




A Cooperative 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation of


Babu Bob & Marilyn Kelly (Founder of Lepers of Kilimanjaro)



Special Message from Babu Bob


This June 3rd, 2014 will mark my introduction to Tanzania, E. Africa

21 years ago in 1993 as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer. 

Following my Peace Corps Service, I returned and founded

The Paul & Delilah Roch Charitable Trust.


The Past 2 Decades have been Devoted to


Caring for the Children Orphaned by AIDS & Malaria

Funding Many in the Pursuit of a Higher Education 

Feeding the Hungry

Nursing the Sick

and Making Life a Little Better for the Neglected Elderly

Volunteers Needed for Computers of Kilimanjaro

Volunteer Today! - "IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!"    or


"Computers of Kilimanjaro" has been the Dream of Babu Bob from the moment he stepped foot in Tanzania in 1993. Babu Bob is a Theoretical Physicist & Mathematician with 50 years of computer experience dating back to his Univac days at The National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA), Houston, Texas in the 60's.


This Summer/Fall (July-Dec) Computer IT Project will be the


Creation of a Modern Computer/Internet Center


The Maua Franciscan Seminary 

The initial mission of the Maua Franciscan Seminary was to recruit candidates for religious life and the priesthood, but since then the Seminary has broadened its mission, offering a Quality Education as its apostolate to the Tanzanian Church and to society as a whole. Currently many students who have graduated from the seminary are rendering services in different ways in society as priests, medical doctors, engineers, teachers and in variety of different careers.


The Goal for the Maua Franciscan Seminary is to install a High Speed Internet Satellite Dish, furnish 40 computer tablets with keyboards/screens, refurbish a temporary building to house the Computer Lab. VOKinc 

Computer (IT) Volunteers will coordinate the satellite & subsequent Internet network installations, assist in the preparation of course corriculums while the VOKinc Volunteer Craftsmen will be responsible for refurbishing facilities & building computer desks & chairs. All work will be done by paid Tanzanian Craftsmen under the supervision of our Volunteers.


VOKinc Offers One Month Volunteer Openings for the 2014 Summer/Fall Program (July-Dec).


Volunteers will live in a Dormitory Environment on the grounds of The Maua Franciscan Seminary located in the small village of Maua, approximately one mile high on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

The Volunteer Fee Covers Room, Board, Local Transportation, Volunteer Visa Fee, Field Trips & Free On Site Medical Attention by VOKinc's Medical Director.


The Tax Deductible First Month Volunteer Fee is $1,495. The Volunteer Fee for Those

Wishing to Extend Their Stay is $1,250 per Month.


Airline Fares are also Tax Deductible.


VOKinc will set up a Donation Link to assist each Volunteer in raising the required Volunteer Fee where Sponsors (Corporate or Personal) can make tax deductible contributions to each Volunteer's Account.


Because the villagers we serve come from various religious backgrounds, we ask that all volunteers refrain from any proselytizing.


Volunteers are encouraged to pursue after hour & weekend activities.

The Officers & Board Members of Volunteers of Kilimanjaro, Inc receive no financial remuneration for their services.