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Magic MacDrive OS








"Free Forever!"


The Operating System of the Present & Future!

This is the Last Operating System You Will Ever Need

Customize Magic MacDrive OS as You Wish - Add or Remove Your Choice of Apps in The Upper Panel


Over 75 Applications with Individual Help Files/Support Desktop Q&A and Linux Questions.org ... Updated by the Second ... Tens of Thousand Linux Volunteer Techs Around the World ... Answering Questions & Keeping Your Copy of Linux Up to Date ....


Simple & Intuitive - Linux Just Works!

  You Will NEVER Experience a Virus Again!


It is Linux that Runs the Millions of Servers of Apple, HDS Yokohama Green Data Center, Google, IBM, Microsoft, NJ2, San Diego Supercomputing Center, Tokyo Data Center, Twitter, plus 1&1's Data Center, ... + ALL your smart phones/devices, ALL Android Tablets/Devices, &

Google's New OS!

Help Us Keep It Free  Donate  Today!

Help Us Keep It Free  Donate  Today!



I'm Babu Bob, President & Co-Founder (Marilyn Kelly) of Volunteers of Kilimanjaro Inc

& Creator of Magic MacDrive Operating System


I joined the United States Peace Corps in June, 1993. After my Peace Corps I made the decision to remain in Africa. I currently live on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, East Africa.

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Thank you for Donating. If We've Enriched Your Life, Please remember that your donations help us

Change the Future for those less Fortunate.


"Magic MacDrive OS"


                                                              Beta Release

Please note that every effort has been expended to insure Magic MacStick (MMS) & Magic MacDrive (MMD) perform to your satisfation. To report a problem please send an email to babubob@volunteersok.org 


Special Notes:




Linux Mint 18.1 is a long term support release. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop experience more comfortable to use. It is recommended NOT TO USE THE UPDATE MANAGER         . Magic MacDrive OS Users do not have to worry about anything .... not even a VIRUS!  


               There are over 40,000 free software packages (The Best Software Available in the Industry) FREE via your

               Synaptic Package.




REM ---- YOUR NEW DOWNLOAD FILE is /home/vok/Desktop/Folders/Dnloads !!!! located in the MY STUFF folder on                    the Desktop.


 Magic MacDrive OS consists of a Left/Right/Bottom Screen Docky with ~40 Universal Apps for both Beginner & Professional. At the Top of the Desktop is the PANEL where YOU CAN ADD/REMOVE Apps to Configure/Personalize Your Copy of this Revolutionary Operating System. 


1. USE A MOUSE - Much faster than the "touch pad"!

         Center "ROLL KNOB" of the MOUSE Controls Volume on Movies & Songs


 2. If the DOCKY should disappear while transitioning between different screens, SIMPLY "click" on the Docky      Icon         located in the top panel on the far left of your screen.   






4. Calibre Library  currently has ~500 Books. Select/Click Icon HERE!              for Tutorial from the Author on YouTube.


5. Internet Access can be found in the Top Panel ........PUT ICON HERE!


6. "Click" on           File Manager PCManFM icon in the Top Left Docky ... to Reveal/Access External USB Drives!!!!!!!



7. "Click" on            CatFish File Manager to find "ANYTHING" on any mounted DISK.


8. Use your MOUSE ROLLEL to control VOLUME in Movies or Music. 






   -------------Should your Desktop Background Disappear ...... "Right Click" on the Desktop ........Finish Later!!!




                                                          You Now Have

                                         THE MOST ADVANCED, VIRUS FREE,

                                        OPERATING SYSTEM IN THE WORLD !       



Q - Where is the BEST SOURCE to answer any Q/A if you have Internet Access?


A - Click the Google Icon            &  ENTER your Question in the Google Browser Window (top of screen)

                                                        NOT the Google Search Window!!!


Q - What's my User Name?

A - Your User Name is vok


----------------Sound ---control speaker & earbuds/earphones ... click on speaker in Panel  - left panel area 




Q - What's my User Password?

A - Your User PW is freefree



Q - How to Reset Your User Name &/or Password.

A - To Reset your Password "click on"            to enter the terminal mode & type & enter users-admin     






Q - How to Access/Move/Copy Files & Folders.

A - To ACCESS a folder/file simply OPEN (Click) the File Manager            & Navigate to your folder/file of choice & double




       To move folder/files FROM ONE WINDOW to ANOTHER WINDOW....... ("Click") "File" (upper left corner of the current window) & navigate

        to the second folder of choice . Drag & Drop Files at this point.


Q - How to Find a File.

A  - Go Catfish!


Q - What is "Over Provisioning"

A - Over Provisioning requires that a portion of your SSD remain UNALLOCATED. 

      VOKinc IT Technicians have set this parameter along with other Linux Parameters

       to insure the SSD drives used by VOKinc will perform for an extended life time.



ESC ----- Get out of full Screen Mod

Click File Cabinet .... top Icon in Left Docky!  --- to access other Drives or USB Devices. --- VERY Important


Special Closing Note

Feel free to enjoy the music & movies included with Magic MacStick. The music & movies are from the personal collection of Babu Bob, Founder & President. Please delete & replace with your personal selections when finished.


Remember the Linux Program for Magic MacStick & MacDrive, Developed by Babu Bob to empower his students on Kilimanjaro, is offered free to all the

students of the world. The Lepers, Orphans, Students of Volunteers of Kilimanjaro Inc 501(c)3 depend on your donations to continue to empower the Students of the World!   Thanks for Caring!