Volunteers of Kilimanjaro




Sponsor of "Orphans of Kilimanjaro"

Founded in 1994 by

Babu Bob Manire (X-US Peace Corps)


is now




"Click Above"


A Cooperative 501 (c)(3) Project 


Babu Bob


Marilyn Kelly

(Founder of Lepers of Kilimanjaro)


This Summer Programs will Include


Orphans, Lepers, Craftsmen,

& Computers(IT)


Your Volunteer Fee & Airline Fare




Tax Deductible





Message from Babu Bob & Marilyn


VOKinc is a Small Volunteer Program Serving

The People of Tanzania


VOKinc has Volunteer Openings to Assist Our

2018 Summer/Fall Programs (July-Dec) on Mt. Kilimanjaro.


If You Think Your Skill Set Fits Our Orphan, Leper, Craftsmen,

or Computer IT Programs ... Contact Us!


Volunteer Period is 1 Month in Duration & Includes Room, Board,

Local Transportation, & Free On Site Medical Attention by

VOKinc's Medical Director. 


The Tax Deductible First Month Volunteer Fee is $995. The Volunteer Fee for Those Wishing to Extend Their Stay is $850 per Month.


VOKinc will set up a Donation Link

to assist each Volunteer in raising the required Volunteer Fee where Sponsors (Corporate or Personal) can make Tax Deductible Contributions to Each Volunteer's Account.


Volunteers will live in a Dormitory Environment on the Grounds of

The Maua Franciscan Seminary Located in the Small Village of Maua, Approximately One Mile High On Mount Kilimanjaro. 

Please Click on One of the Above Oval Volunteer Icons to Proceed

Because the Villagers We Serve Come from Various Religious Backgrounds,

We ask that all volunteers refrain from any proselytizing.


Volunteers are encouraged to pursue after hour & weekend activities.

All volunteers to Kilimanjaro will find their journey to be one of a deep and spiritual nature, and one that will sustain their faith in the human race and the need within each of us to serve. The famed Dr. Albert Schweitzer, who committed the majority of his life to Africa, once said, "I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know. The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve."

The Officers & Board Members of Volunteers of Kilimanjaro, Inc receive no financial remuneration for their services.