Founded in 1994 by Babu Bob Manire is Now




A Cooperative 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation of


Babu Bob & Marilyn Kelly (Founder of Lepers of Kilimanjaro)



Special Message from Babu Bob


This June 3rd, 2014 will mark my introduction to Tanzania, E. Africa

21 years ago in 1993 as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer. 

Following my Peace Corps Service, I returned and founded

The Paul & Delilah Roch Charitable Trust.


The Past 2 Decades have been Devoted to


Caring for the Children Orphaned by AIDS & Malaria

Funding Many in the Pursuit of a Higher Education 

Feeding the Hungry

Nursing the Sick

and Making Life a Little Better for the Neglected Elderly

Volunteers Needed for Orphans of Kilimanjaro

Volunteer Today! - "IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!"    or


 Continuation of a Special Message from Babu Bob

The first Project of the Roch Charitable Trust (Now VOKinc) was the creation "Orphans of Kilimanjaro" (OOK), devoting the majority of the past 20 years to caring for the children orphaned by AIDS & Malaria. Global warming has allowed the spread of malaria to higher elevations while the rate of AIDS continues to increase at ever alarming rates. Current estimates place the percentage of AIDS in some villages near 30%.


In the three villages (Maua, Mkyashi & Lasso) currently supported by VOKinc, it is not uncommon to witness a funeral daily. AIDS is increasing on the mountain as villagers travel to Moshi and other small towns at the base of Kilimanjaro in search of work to feed their families. Returning on the weekends, this incurable disease is further spread to the unsuspecting wives, husbands, girlfriends, and boyfriends in an unfolding drama that is destroying the working class of Tanzania (15-55 years of age).


As the magnificent landscape of this geographic wonder of nature becomes dotted with crosses and headstones of the hundreds dying daily, the burden of caring for each new orphan falls to the surviving Grandparents, family members, or friends .... a burden compounded by the fact that the average family income in our villages is just a dollar a day.


What once was considered "The Garden of Eden" has now become "A Bustani of Death". With a population of 35 million people and a land area equal to that of Texas and Oklahoma combined, Tanzania consists of 26 regions including the Kilimanjaro Region. Although the total number of orphans in Tanzania varies significantly between government and private studies, the number easily exceeds one million.


Over the last decade the Gov of Tanzania has raised Safari Park and Kilimanjaro Climbing fees to such an extent that the Tourist Industry & Conservation Programs are in serious trouble. I can remember the 90's when the country was full of "BACK PACKERS", both young and old, who traveled village to village, staying, eating, and drinking in small hostels while enjoying the hospitality of the Tanzanian People. Park fees and climbing fees were reasonable, and the Country was ALIVE AND WELL.


Today, because of excessive Park Fees, Back Packers are no more. Only the rich and elite of the world can afford to come, and they stay in $100+/night hotels, never visiting local villages or mixing with the People of Tanzania. In July of 2011 the Government KILLED the Volunteer Sector by imposing a $550 volunteer visa fee, killing or seriously cripling the majority of Orphanages & Orphan Programs like Orphans of Kilimanjaro. We were able to survive 2012 because of the large hearts of our supporters and the assistance of Marilyn Kelly and her friends.


Although the Tanzanian Government has since reduced the Volunteer Fees, our Internet Sites were HACKED by a group of Indonesians at the beginning of 2013 resulting in the loss of 36 Domain Names and shutting down our presence on the Internet. Few of my IT associates thought that we could recover, but after 6 months of legal battles and with the help of Marilyn Kelly & Cynthia Wrobel (Both Board Members of VOKinc) we were able to restructure everything creating VOLUNTEERS OF KILIMANJARO Inc, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 


Our Goal is to grow into a Wordwide Recognized Kilimanjaro Internet Social Media Portal. This summer we will begin the expansion of our current efforts helping Orphans, Lepers, Computers (IT), and recruiting Craftsmen Volunteers to support all three Volunteer Programs.


Orphans of Kilimanjaro will augment our current program of supporting orphans living with extended members of the family .... by the Creation of Mini-Care Centers where 3-4 orphans will live in group environment with a Tanzanian Caretaker. 


VOKinc Offers One Month Volunteer Openings for the 2014 Summer/Fall Program (July-Dec).


Volunteers will live in a Dormitory Environment on the grounds of The Maua Franciscan Seminary located in the small village of Maua, approximately one mile high on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

The Volunteer Fee Covers Room, Board, Local Transportation, Volunteer Visa Fee, Field Trips & Free On Site Medical Attention by VOKinc's Medical Director.


The Tax Deductible First Month Volunteer Fee is $1,495. The Volunteer Fee for Those

Wishing to Extend Their Stay is $1,250 per Month.


Airline Fares are also Tax Deductible.


VOKinc will set up a Donation Link to assist each Volunteer in raising the required Volunteer Fee where Sponsors (Corporate or Personal) can make tax deductible contributions to each Volunteer's Account.


Because the villagers we serve come from various religious backgrounds, we ask that all volunteers refrain from any proselytizing.


Volunteers are encouraged to pursue after hour & weekend activities.

The Officers & Board Members of Volunteers of Kilimanjaro, Inc receive no financial remuneration for their services.